About the Artist

Meet Ashley, the featured artist behind “ART by Ashley Verrill” 

Ashley holds a degree in Fine Arts from Buffalo State College. Her wide-range portfolio consists of figure drawing, acrylic and oil painting, jewelry, pottery, and even wood working. Since graduating, as most artists do, Ashley has stuck to what she loves most; painting. She is fascinated by the human figure, as well as using color as a form of expression. She loves the way emotion can be captured with simple lines and chromatic intensity. Ashley strives to captivate her audience with unexpected use of pigmentation, ability to emit feeling through her work and meticulous attention to detail.

Each piece is different because each piece means something to her. Ashley has experienced quite a bit in her life thus far, and she uses that as her drive to create. In the last decade alone, she founded her own business, lived abroad, mastered a second language, and embraced another culture’s way of life. She has traveled, she has loved, she has learned, and all of this plays a role in her artistic vision. 

To learn more about Ashley, read here as she briefly introduces herself in her own words.