Made to Order Bridal Illustrations

Picture this; Your wedding day “look” transformed into a stunning piece of artwork that you can display forever as a reminder of your favorite day thus far. A custom made to order hand-drawn illustration of your wedding gown will remind you of a time you felt most beautiful, most loved and most excited for the journey ahead. 

To all the brides looking to revive their wedding dresses and turn them into empowering pieces of wall art for their home… 

To the bridesmaids, maids of honor and mothers of the bride looking for a beautiful, thoughtful and unique gift… 

To the husbands looking for the perfect anniversary present…

Look no further! This personalized fashion illustration rolls class, beauty and profound sentiment into one timeless piece of art. 

Bridal Illustration As Wedding Gift for Bride
Hanging Bridal Illustration in a Wedding Room

How it Works

Each bridal illustration is created on 9 X 12” high quality illustration paper using top of the line ink, charcoal, pastel and even acrylic paint detail work. It is truly an unparalleled, distinctly special mixed media illustration that is in a class of its own. 


  • Make your order.
  • Include a photo (or multiple photos) of the dress you would like illustrated. Please list any other design requests.
  • VOILÁ! Done & done. Your artwork is on the way!

Bride & Groom Illustrations

As a variation of the popular wedding dress bridal illustration, this version includes both the bride AND groom and is the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday or simply “just because”.

We all know that a person’s wedding day is incredibly special. It marks the beginning of a new chapter. One that will be shared with the person you chose to be your support system and partner through each and every milestone of life. The significance of this day deserves to be celebrated and cherished. 

You know how they say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” ? 

Well, here’s a piece of advice for all new (and not so new) husbands out there: The way to your wife’s heart is through thoughtful and caring acts of love. Don’t wait, buy her the artwork! It’s more meaningful than any bouquet of flowers will ever be.. and it lasts way longer too!

Illustration of a Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day First Look

Gift Certificates

For those of you who think this is the perfect gift idea for the bride in your life, but don’t have any pictures of her wedding day look because, well, the wedding hasn’t happened yet, a gift certificate is the answer! Not only will the bride’s custom artwork be pre-paid, but as soon as she orders, she will jump to the front of the line because you ordered in advance and that makes her a priority! 


Share Your Photos

Details, details, details! Share as many photos as you wish to ensure every inch of that bridal look is covered from top to bottom! 


Discuss Your Style

Is the back of the dress special? Is the hairpiece the bride’s “something borrowed”? Share EVERYTHING YOU FEEL IS IMPORTANT! The more detailed description, the more personalized the illustration.


Receive Your Delivery

Once complete, you will receive your illustration signed, sealed and delivered to the provided shipping address. 


  • Illustration is an artistic interpretation, not a literal and exact portrait. 
  • This artwork does not come framed but will fit in any standard 9 X 12” photo frame. 
  • The artwork is finished with a UV protectant to seal the medium and protect against light damage, but in order to preserve the work for as long as possible, avoid direct sunlight and do not hang outside.

Absolutely perfect! I’m newly married and wanted a fun keepsake for myself all dolled up in my dress – Ashley’s drawing and talents brought it to life! It’s even more beautiful in person. Ashley was so incredible to work with as well – communicative, thorough, and her personality shines through in her communications and makes it a true joy to work with her. I will definitely be keeping hire in mind for future gift ideas for my friends down the road! Will definitely be in touch again. Thank you, Ashley!

– Kylie Bieze

Bride and Groom Personalized Wedding Artwork
Personalized Bridal Art Hanging in Room
Custom Bridal Illustration Personalized to Bride
Wedding Dress Art Framed and Hanging in Room
Custom Bridal Portrait of Brides Wedding Gown Fashion Sketch
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