Colorful Abstract Painting Named Allure of Woman Biting Her lip

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New homeowner? Redecorating? Just looking to brighten up a tired space? One of the best ways to introduce personality to a room is by decorating with high-quality original wall art.

Have you ever walked into your friend’s home and noticed they have the exact same wall decor that you do because you’re both shopping mass reproductions from Target? Whomp!

Original artwork is meant to move you. It is meant to give a room an energy that reflects those who live there! Texture, subject matter and originality are all key when it comes to choosing art for your home, so don’t settle! Invest in yourself. Invest in your space. Give your blank wall the blast of creativity and originality that it deserves.

You’re unique, your art should be too!

About The Artist

As an artist, I am inspired by a variety of motivators. Although I am versatile stylistically, I tend to gravitate toward color, the human figure and stimulating an unspoken energy during my creative process.  I am driven by my clientele. I know my audience and I ask regularly what they are looking for. The most important thing to me is knowing that what I create speaks to those who will be hanging it in their own personal space. 

Through my work, I hope to express empowerment, appreciation and FEELING above all else. Emotion is what makes art powerful. If you profoundly feel my artwork, I’ve done my job as an artist. 

Meet the Artist Photo of Ashley Verrill
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