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The original painting “The Voice” is 24H X 18W inches in size which makes for a 4 to 3 aspect ratio.
That means in order to get an exact copy of this artwork (including Ashley’s signature and full subject matter of the painting), you can order in any of the following sizes:

12 X 9
16 X 12
20 X 15
24 X 18
28 X 21
32 X 24
36 X 27
40 X 30
44 X 33
48 X 36

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you stray from these size options, the artwork could be cropped to fit the canvas in the made-to-order process, meaning you could lose some of the subject matter that you love most and/or cut off Ashley’s signature! We suggest these sizes to give you the BEST possible product and to guarantee your satisfaction.

If you’re interested in Ashley’s opinion on the fine details of your print, she says “go for a 1.25 inch deep canvas print with a black border”

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